The Japan Earthquake Relief Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, with tax exempt status. For donations we can provide a tax deductible receipt at the end of our fiscal year.

Abbey Jack Neidik, President of DLI Productions

Abbey Neidik is an established Director and Producer with a career spanning 35 years. He has worked on over 70 films, including two Academy Award nominees. In 1980 Neidik and his partner Irene Angelico formed DLI Produc­tions. Together they produced and directed numerous award winning films, including: Dark Lullabies, A Song For Tibet, and Volcano: An Inquiry Into The Life And Death Of Malcolm Lowry, Between The Solitudes, The Love Prophet and the Children of God, The Cola Conquest, The Jour­ney Home: A Romanian Adoption, She Got Game: Behind the Scenes of the Women’s Tennis Tour, Vendetta Song, Inside the Great Magazines, Unbreakable Minds, and his current project is called The Making of Imagine Nation


Dixon de Leña, CEO of Integral Partnerships LLC

For nearly 30 years, Dixon has consulted executives and senior managers of almost every major industry group in the Fortune 50/500 group and in private and public sectors in North America, Europe and Asia on leadership develop­ment, organizational values, culture, and innovation. He has developed top leadership teams and coached hundreds of senior managers in the software, finance, technology, insur­ance, and telecommunications industries. He champions the role of sophisticated software in improving teamwork, building community, and developing high-level social net­working in support of the evolution toward more sustain­able and socially responsible business practices. Dixon is a featured author in “Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Innovation and Excellence in the Workplace” His current book project entitled “AUTHENTICITY REQUIRED: Re-de­fining Success in an Era of High Stakes Everything” is due for release in 2011.


Jackie Wartanian, President of Scorpio International Inc. and Center Stage Management

Helped build the company from the ground up to be the larg­est entertainment company in the Middle East in 10 years (Dubai, UAE). She was also involved in the organization of the FIFA World Cup opening and closing ceremonies in South Africa and produced some of the largest rock concerts (founder of Desert Rock festival), music events, sporting events, theater, and gala dinners.

Kie Sasaki, March 11, 2011 Earthquake Victim and Futurist

Lives in Sendai. Her house was partially destroyed by the earthquake and she lived in the washroom for more than one month. A Futurist & trend expert; accurately predicted rise of Internet and green movement in 1980s. Graduated from Bachelor of Law, Master of Education & Certificate in Marketing. Notable clients include: Cirque du Soleil, Dawson College, The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Le Chateau Montebello, Robic Patent and Trademark Attor­neys, Bell Canada, Federation des Producteurs de Volailles du Quebec, Musee d’Art de Joliette, University du Quebec a Montreal.

Lara Teperdjian, Vice- President of Scorpio International Inc. and Center Stage Man­agement

Since 1999, her passion for music led Lara to the beginning of a star-studded journey, bringing out-of-the-box creative ideas to the event and festival industries in the Middle East. The first artists to come to the sandy shores of Dubai were Enrique Iglesias, Whitney Houston, 50 Cent, Sting, Tom Jones to name a few, followed by a long list of artists and sports and music events and festivals. “In 2003, we started the first, one and only rock festival in Arabia, called Desert Rock. It has been an incredible adventure! We made music history in this region by bringing Hard Rock & Heavy Metal bands to play in Dubai”, explains Lara Teperdjian.


Mark Sommers, Lawyer

Ranked among top 25 trademark experts in the world, by in-house counsel and peers in Legal Media clearance and infringement opinions, and licensing. He frequently presents to both U.S. and international audiences and has authored numerous articles about trademarks, domain names, trade dress, and unfair competition. For a short time he was the head of a provincial economic develop­ment Group’s Guide to the World’s Leading Lawyers—Best of the Best, 2009, 2011.

Marlene Tutshii, Agent with CAA Creative Artist Agency

David Kam, Ambassador of the borderless land of IMAG­INE NATION

He is an artist, visionary and think tank. He conceived the bor­derless land of IMAGINE NATION, a borderless country linked by social values to bring about massive environmental and social change. Previously in the 1990s, he was an energy drink pioneer with the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group. In the late 1990s he became an Internet pioneer, creating the world’s first Internet ordering system by linking his online website to a customized accounting software that was built by a couple of friends. He became an art pioneer on September 12, 2001, the day after 9/11; David became an artist by founding the Thinkism Art Movement, thus creating the first fine art movement of the 21st century (“known as the socially conscious art movement”). He became a green vision­ary in 2001, producing the world’s first painting about climate change, almost 7 years before Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth film, called Polar Bear Extinction, shown above in his Extinction Style (“the main subject is left blank on canvas”).


Roy Middleton, past CEO of RBC Life Sciences and East­pac

Roy Middleton is the co founder of several companies in North America and Oceania. He is active as an advisor to several companies in North America, works closely with economic development agencies, and is currently promot­ing software that gathers intelligence and provides analysis on social media in the blogosphere. He is the past CEO of RBC Life Sciences and Eastpac where he worked for a long period in South East Asia. Roy is also a fulltime consultant to his 5 year old son.

Steven Wood Schmader, CFEE, President & CEO of Inter­national Festivals & Events Association (IFEA)

He took the helm of the IFEA in May of 2001 and created a new “Association Alliance”, bringing together five major global representative associations of the special events industry (IFEA, IAAPA, IAAM, IAFE and the OABA) in a new and valuable partnership. Grew the Boise River Festi­val from scratch to 750 sponsors and 4000 volunteers. As Executive Producer of the Boise 2000 Millennium Cel­ebration, the event was seen by 175 million people in the US and countless additional millions around the world on NBC, ABC, CNN, PAX Cable, and on the world-wide web.