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ZipLine Suspended Bar DJ Battle


BIO Paul Oakenfold is the famous two time Grammy nominated DJ, remixer, and producer who introduced the world to house music. Born in London, England, Oakenfold’s musical career began with mixing at age 16. He made his first DJ appearance …

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BIO World renowned, Grammy Award winning Superstar DJ and party icon Roger Sanchez is enjoying an unprecedented year and celebrating a tremendous decade.  Fresh off his incredible Amnesia residency, Roger takes only a minute to reflect on the epic summer …

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The Devils Concubines


BIO Circus has brought four of Toronto’s sassiest Performance Artists together, creating a powerful collaboration of ‘style meets sexy!’ Josie D, (aka Sugar Berbon), a talented artist and former performer, created Circus Entertainment in 2009 in support of Toronto’s up …

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BIO Hailing straight from the club district of Toronto ON, Abandon All Ships are six proud guid’s, who spend their time, pumping fists, breaking noses and making music. Completely turning the modern music scene upside down with their unique mix …

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Carl Louis & Martin Danielle

BIO Carl Louis & Martin Danielle are two young talented producers from the suburbs of Oslo, Norway. They were both music lovers at a very young age and have been producing since they were teenagers. After discovering that their music …

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BIO Flipside is a co-owner of PBR Recordings. He has toured the world several times, igniting the scene in countries such as Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, England and Croatia. He has received support …

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FTISLAND, short for Five Treasure Island, gave a boost as the first teenage band in the Korean pop music industry which had been led by dance groups. The members are consist of CHOI JONG HUN (leader, guitar), LEE HONG KI …

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Darrin Pfeiffer (DJ for the suspended Bar)


Bio Coming Soon

Ricky J

BIO Perseverance is a quality many people talk about, but it’s a select few that can actually claim to possess it.  It’s earned from being wide-awake during both the highs and lows of life, and it often takes years to …

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