Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets are available for sale online (here) via telephone at 1 866 9 GET TIX toll free.


What is the difference between a General Admission Ticket and a VIP ticket?

VIP ticket holders enjoy special privileges including:

  • Separate parking area
  • your own line up into the park
  • special VIP platform
  • 1 seat at a table of 10
  • Someone to show you to your seat
  • Lunch and dinner served to you
  • Complimentary bottle of wine
  • your own washroom facilities
  • and if you hold a licensed VIP ticket, you will also have your own bar.

There are a limited amount of VIP tickets sold for each day.

What is the difference between Licensed and Unlicensed concert attendee?

Licensed is for patrons 19 years of age or older and permits the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages. (Government issued proof of age is required.) Unlicensed does not have alcohol sales and alcohol is not permitted in to this area.

When will the Ticket Booth and the Will Call Booth be open and where is it located?

The Ticket and Will Call Booth will be open two hours prior to the gates opening. The Will Call booth is located across the main entrance beside the ticket booth, on Carl Hall Road. Ticket booths are located at each gate.

Why should I buy advance tickets?

It’s the only way to guarantee your admittance to the Festival. Also, ticket prices are more expensive at the gate.

Can I bring a lawn chair, blanket, umbrella, gymbag, knapsack, cooler?

To honour the wishes of the performers and to follow the law, you may not bring in outside food or beverages, cooler, lawn furniture or umbrellas (small ones that fit in a handbag are OK). There will be ample vendors for food and beverages fairly priced.

Can I bring outside food, water, pop, coffee, etc into the concert?

No you cannot bring in outside food or drinks. There are plenty of vendors you can purchase these items from inside the gates. Please note: Due to contracts from the headliners, our vendors are required to remove the bottle caps from the pop and water.

Please be aware that parking lots will be checked for drugs and alcohol, which will be confiscated and not reimbursed.


I ordered tickets that are to be picked up at the gate. Where is the pick up location?

Pre-ordered tickets are to be picked up at the Will Call booth located opposite the main entrance.

To pick up my pre-ordered tickets, what do I need?

Pre-ordered tickets are to be picked up at the Will Call booth located opposite the main entrance.

Can I wear studded or spiked jewellery?

For the safety of our patrons, studded or spike jewellery is not allowed on the festival grounds.

Are cameras allowed?

Personal (point and shoot) cameras are welcome but professional cameras are not permitted. Professional cameras include any with removable or zoom lenses and SLRs.

Anyone attempting to record (audio/video) the performance or transmit it via any means may be prosecuted.

Can I bring my pets (dogs, cats, budgies, goldfish, orangutans or koalas)?

No pets allowed. Service animals (guide dogs) are permitted into the venue whilst accompanying a patron who is registered blind.

When should I book a hotel? Is it hard to find one?

It is recommended that you secure a hotel room as soon as possible. Many hotels will fill up quickly.

Will you have a Bank machine on site?

There will be cash machines on site, however it will be inside the festival grounds and not accessible for those who need money to purchase entrance tickets.

Must I be of legal drinking age to attend?

No, Concert for Japan has an id system in place at the entrance, to allocate the correct wrist band to persons who are or who are not legal drinking age.

What is the legal drinking age in Ontario?

19. Be responsible – if you are going to drink, please don’t drive.  Bus No 101 will come directly from Downsview subway to the Festival site, and will take you back there after the event has finished. If you are going to drive, please don’t drink. The event staff and security will not tolerate drunkenness and will report you directly to Police on site.

I am disabled, is there anything I should know? Is there an area for people like myself?


  • In an attempt to make Concert for Japan as accessible as possible for our guests, we have created a raised platform for our patrons who have special needs.
  • We will also have two (2) accessible toilets located near to the raised platform.
  • You are permitted to bring one guest with you onto the raised platform (all attendees are required to purchase tickets to the show).