FTISLAND, short for Five Treasure Island, gave a boost as the first teenage band in the Korean pop music industry which had been led by dance groups. The members are consist of CHOI JONG HUN (leader, guitar), LEE HONG KI (lead vocals), LEE JAE JIN (bass, rapper), SONG SEUNG HYUN (guitar, rapper) and CHOI MIN HWAN (drums), and they made their debut with a song <Lovesick> in 2007. After debuting, they swept number one on TV stations and called ‘Super Rookie.’ In late 2009, the three members of FTISLAND, CHOI JONG HUN, LEE JAE JIN and CHOI MIN HWAN, formed a sub-group called FT.triple, and showed their development as well as other charms. FTISLAND is becoming world-famous through holding nationwide and Asia tours annually, and is emerging as the center of the Korean wave. Each member of FTISLAND works not only in the music field but also in various genres, such as acting, sitcom, MC, and shows their ability and limitless potential.