Ricky J


Perseverance is a quality many people talk about, but it’s a select few that can actually claim to possess it.  It’s earned from being wide-awake during both the highs and lows of life, and it often takes years to fully understand what it means.  The word’s ultimate placement next to other words like success or failure depends wholly upon the character of the person involved – the person moving towards their goal and taking the necessary risks.  Often times, all three words can be found together, but in the end, perseverance in the face of failure to court success is how we all want the story to go.  In a music industry littered with broken promises and tattered dreams, talent and a willing ability to adapt are the foundations for perseverance if there is ever going to be a storybook ending.

Ricky J built his reputation in the clubs of Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a teen, and after six long years, found himself at #3 on the Canadian Billboard charts with his playful, cheeky smash hit “No Means No.”  The rapper/singer earned a deal with Warner Bros. Records and released his debut album, “Lose Control,” to rave reviews.  He chose to leave Warner Bros. the following year and signed with the independent Evolution Records where he could exercise more creative freedom.  His second album had two singles – “Hold On” and “Gotta Man” – that saw some solid radio and video spins, but he was unable to crack the U.S. market (a notoriously difficult challenge for being so geographically close).  By the time 2004 rolled around, Ricky J found himself in the middle of a sweeping career change that would test his perseverance.  In his mind, however, “it opened up new doors and allowed me to find my true path, both musically and personally.”

Ricky J opted to step away from making music in 2004.  He’d presented a Juno Award (the Canadian equivalent to a Grammy), opened stages for Eminem, TLC, Usher, Wyclef Jean and Ja Rule and had enough money in the bank that he felt it was time to turn his focus to understanding the changing business he was in.  A young veteran at that point of almost 10 years, Ricky repositioned himself behind-the-scenes in a major way, getting involved in songwriting, booking artists, artist development and management, as well as co-producing records.  In 2007, he became the Music Director for a major urban lifestyle magazine in Canada, and also turned his attention to the events side of the business, partnering with a close friend to develop A-List Ent.

Since 2007, Ricky and A-List Entertainment have planned and hosted some of the biggest celebrity parties in Canada.  He’s thrown events for Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Kevin Rudolf, Ron Browz, Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls), DJ Kay Slay, Keri Hilson, Bow Wow, Mstrkrft, Snoop Dogg, Nelly and many more.  But it was being around all those people that slowly gave him the itch to get back in the recording studio, and the tracks he’s emerged with for his new album are guaranteed to have people buzzing.

Canada’s Ricky J has embraced that fact and is a living breathing testament to making it a reality with the release of his new single, “Waitin 4 You” co-produced and written by Ricky J and is featured on his soon to be released CD Paint The Town.

As we have seen Ricky’s track record is starting to shape up.
Straight from some  great online viral success, radio success and sales success in Canada of  his smash hit
“Whatta Night” which is  Gold as a Digital Download in Canada as well has topped the Crossover and Pop charts in that country.
“Whatta Night” was also selected as a song on the popular television show, “So You Think You Can Dance” Canada.
The song was recently launched in the U.S and all indicators are showing that this song is quickly growing from the dance floor to the radio waves.
Ricky J’s “Whatta Night” video shot in Los Angeles by Yolande Geralds (Trey Songz, Piles, Tracy Chapman) and the single on youtube surpassed 1,000,000 hits on youtube. We clearly see Ricky is here to stay.

Now  with the delivery fresh off the press of  Ricky J’s Latest single ” Waitin 4 You” Ricky has done it again giving the fans  a mesmerizing hook and has showed   that  he can  deliver another hit  for thr radio and for the club dancefloors. This track also
showcases Ricky’s singing and he has mixed it up with a crazy banging beat that has elements of electro, urban, house and dub-step.
Ricky J makes sure every song that he releases stays with you and  YOU always end up singing the song.

He’s confident it will be “an undeniable radio smash for ALL of North America and beyond.”

To say Ricky’s arrived full-circle is an understatement.  From coming up as an underground rapper, to finding commercial success with play on MTV Canada and Much Music, to going back under the radar to hone his business side, and ultimately re-emerging as an “Executive Artist,” Ricky’s perseverance could NEVER have even been in question.  Fellow Canadians Drake and Justin Bieber represent just the tip of the talent iceberg in Canada, and Ricky J is intent on joining them.  The most telling evidence of that?  Ricky’s own simple assertion:

“ I plan  2011 to be an incredible year for my new music venture and, most importantly, my own music,” he says emphatically.  “There won’t be any doubt.”

Current single “Whatta Night” Gold In  Canada  and Now impacting Radio in the U.S and over seas.

New Canadian Single  “Waitin 4 you” being launched to Canadian Radio